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InTerAct  Industry – Academia Interaction in the Marine Sector

Funded by the Nordic Innovation Center  (2012-2013)                                                                              

Website: InTerAct 

Final Report Published: Ólafsdóttir, G., Jónsdóttir, G.A., Ómarsdóttir, I.L., Tryggvadóttir, G.B., Fredriksen, M., Kirkegaard, H.P., Baron, C., Lekang, O.I., Rustad, T., Kiessling, A. and Bogason, S.G (2014) InTerAct  Industry – Academia Interaction in the Marine Sector. Marine Innovation Programme,  Nordic Innovation, Oslo

Final Event: InTerAct Symposium January 31 2014 

News about the final event: Royal Greenland and AQFood MSc program at the InTerAct Symposium

Enhancing the Innovation Capacity of Seafood Business – The Role of Higher Education ?

InTerAct News Issue1_Sept 2012

InTerAct News Issue2 Jan 2013

InTerAct News Issue3 Sep 2013

The main objective of the InTerAct project is to establish an industry- academia interaction to address education needs in the aquatic food value chain by applying methodologies of social sciences.  Digital promotion material and communication strategies using social media will be developed to attract students and enhance the image of the marine sector. The project is a supporting action to develop the new Nordic Master AQFood “Aquatic Food Production-Safety & Quality”, which is an initiative of 5 Nordic Universities