SENSE -  Harmonised Environmental Sustainability in the European Food and Drink Chain.

Supported by the 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission.

Website: www.senseproject.eu


Participants: SENSE consortium is formed by a multidisciplinary team involving 23 partners from 13 countries made up by a combination of complementary profiles: research organisations (AZTI, SIK, UoI, AAU, CITY and DTU), food and drink SMEs (ZUVAMESA, TUNAY GIDA, PROVAC, CALION, FODIX and CHRISTIANSEN), IT developers (INGENET), environmental and LCA experts (ESU, EFLA and BIOZOON), SMEs for dissemination and communication and European food Associations (TRITECC, BA, CI, SGF, EAS, CLITRAVI) and SMEs for management (ZABALA)